A real good life

A city boy and a country girl. Leland and Lucille Thorn probably didn’t know when they met each other in the 8th grade that they would change each other’s lives.

The Thorns got married in 1951.

“We’ve been together so long,” said Leland. “It’s been a real good life.”

In April, the Thorns will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary.

“We feel very happy,” said Lucille. “People don’t believe, ‘oh sure you’ve been married that long.’ But we have.”

They started out as friends and Lucille says she didn’t have any interest in him beyond that…at first.

Lucille and Leland Thorn

“I knew him very well because he was a big hunk in the sports,” she said. “Everybody wanted to be his boyfriend. I said ‘oh yeah, sure.’ I was never that infatuated because I lived on the farm.”

But as the years went on, their families became closer. Lucille lost her father young and Leland says he was a bit of a delinquent because of his home life, and often ran away. He spent a lot of time with Lucille and her mother.

“If I had a problem, I’d go to her,” he said.

As high school came to an end, Leland got called to join the National Guard. He asked their school’s principal if he could get married and still finish high school and they said yes.

On April 29, 1951, Leland and Lucille had a big church wedding in Worthington, Minnesota.

“Most of the school was at our wedding,” said Lucille.

Fifty years later, the couple renewed their vows at the same church where they got married, with their original bridal party alongside them.

The Thorns renewing their vows

“We just stuck together,” said Lucille. “Probably had a few problems here and there we always ironed them out.”

They have two daughters, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Now they live in a retirement community in Minneapolis. They are very active for their age, playing bingo and cards most nights. But they still like to have their own space as well.

“You have to understand each other,” said Lucille. “You have to work together. Neither one of you are right. Don’t live a big regret, work it out. Nothing is that bad.”

Leland and Lucille's 50th Anniversary announcement

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