Forever Lucky

When Virginia Keidel introduces her husband Ed, she calls him her “good-looking, rich guy.”

“I knew Ed from grammar school, he lived in our area, but I didn’t go out with him until after he got out of the service in ’46,” she says.

IMG_2452 2

But Virginia and Ed were never rich. In fact, she says by today’s standards, they would have been considered quite poor when they first started out.

“Things were so different then,” said Virginia. “Streets were safe to begin with.”

Their economic status, combined with less technology back then, meant they were always together, and relied on each other for everything.

FullSizeRender 8

They married on June 5, 1948 after dating for a year and a half. Since that’s almost 70 years ago, neither of them can remember how the proposal happened.

They were married for about eight years before having children. They have two sons and two granddaughters.

One of their granddaughters recently got married and incorporated part of  Virginia’s wedding dress, that Virginia sewed herself, into her garter.

“That was precious,” said Virginia. “We’re a small family, that meant a lot.”

After their wedding, Virginia says they spent their honeymoon in Wisconsin. Ed joked saying they did “what you would usually do.”

Jacqueline Keidel-Martinez says her garter was sewn out of material from her grandmother’s wedding dress. Photo by Alex Buhre. 

“We weren’t on a fishing trip, that’s for sure,” Virginia added.

For about a year now, Virginia and Ed have lived separately. Virginia became ill and is recovering in a retirement home.

Ed visits her every day, spending several hours with her talking and drinking coffee. But he says he misses her at their house.

“It gets a little lonely in the house, a little quiet,” he said.

They both like to reflect on all of the traveling they did in their later years, visiting places like China, Egypt and almost all of Europe.

And when asked how each of them would describe their love for one another, Virginia answered, “Forever.”

Ed said, “Lucky.”

FullSizeRender 5
Ed and Virginia Keidel just celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary.





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