It just comes natural

On the day I met Ed and Dolores Segebrecht, they just happened to find a lost photo from their wedding, taken at their reception.

FullSizeRender (2)

Dolores wore a simple dress and said her curls were likely from a perm. Both of their parents are standing with them in the photo, something they now cherish seeing.

“This is a picture I haven’t seen in ages and when I saw it I thought ‘Oh this is nice,'” said Dolores. “It’s on our dresser right now.”

Ed and Dolores married on November 26, 1959 at a church in Chicago. They met while working at a bank together, and Dolores said their relationship evolved into more than a friendship one night when Ed walked her to the bus stop.

They married about a year after that.

Now they have five kids, seven grandkids and two great-grandkids. They live together at the Milwaukee Catholic Home and will celebrate 58 years of marriage this year.

Dolores credits their happy marriage to their easy-going personalities.

“He’s very easy to get along with, he really is,” she said. “If he is upset, he keeps it to himself I think. I can’t say we ever had a really serious argument.”

But they also enjoy doing things together. Now they say that mostly consists of shopping and attending events in their retirement community.

And throughout their marriage, they’ve maintained a strong friendship as well as a marriage.

“It just comes natural, it really does,” said Dolores. “I think we’re blessed, it’s been a good marriage.”

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