Found letter, lost love II

After posting last week’s story, I’ve begun to receive regular correspondence from John MacDougall and the memories he’s been sharing with me are just too amazing not to share with you.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, go back and read Found letter, lost love.

First, here is John’s email after he read the story:

Dear Dear Rikki,

                I just finished your story about Barbara and Me and I find it difficult to type this reply because it is hard to see through the tears…I will cherish your story forever. And I will share it with everyone I know. I will keep in touch and perhaps we could meet sometime over dinner?

Thank you so much. 

I feel so honored to be able to write something that could mean that much to someone. I can tell talking with John that he is lonely now without Barbara. I believe his closest family member lives in Texas. I truly wish I could get dinner with him, but sadly I now live 1,800 miles away.

I’ve encouraged him to keep sending me emails though, whenever he has a thought, or a memory. And he’s sent me about five emails over the last week that include poems and photos. Here are some of the photos with John’s captions included:

He also sent me a poem that he wrote for Barbara during the time he was trying to get back in touch with her. He only had a P.O. Box for her, and he ended up with an incorrect phone number. So he left this poem on a voicemail message and later learned he left it on a young couple’s machine, and Barbara never heard it.

I wanted to speak to the girl of my dreams,
So I purchased some telephone time.
It didn’t cost me an arm and a leg,
Just some quarters and nickels and dimes.
I filled up the slot with the coins that I got
And punched in the numbers to get her.
When it started to ring, my heart took a fling,
Cause this time it had to be better.
It rang three or four, don’t know how many more,
When she answered I started to fret.
Can’t happen to me, two times and now three
I got her answering set.
But I’ll keep on trying, I won’t be crying
And some day the good Lord above
Will help me get through, to yes Barb It’s you
The girl that I always have loved.

He also sent this poem, that pretty much speaks for itself.

john and barbara 2

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