Only growing closer

It didn't take long for John and Jane Ausman to fall in love. "I think within a couple of months, I thought 'Jane's the only one,'" said John. "I didn't tell her that." They met while attending the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Their first encounter was actually a blind date in late spring. By… Continue reading Only growing closer

Third time’s the charm

Pat and Tony Busalacchi's love story didn't begin as you might imagine. In fact, Tony says he had to propose three times before she said "yes." "I hadn't been swept off my feet," said Pat. "Maybe it was too many romantic movies, maybe I thought there should be bells ringing." When Tony first brought up… Continue reading Third time’s the charm

You, Me and Us

Madison, Wisconsin. 1948. Inez Gilbert met her future husband Gene through a mutual friend. He was one of many young men she met that night, but Gene stood out. "I told her 'well the only one I would possibly go out with is Gene Gilbert,'" Inez said. And Gene liked her too. So the pair… Continue reading You, Me and Us

“Don’t give up.”

Ralph and Theresa Kloehn have spent an exciting 55 years together. They've traveled the country, the world AND managed to have seven children at some point too. The couple met while they were both in the Navy in the late 1950s. Ralph says he noticed Theresa one day and decided to strike up a conversation.… Continue reading “Don’t give up.”