Family over everything

Family means everything to Claire and Dick Dybul. And their family helped strengthen their marriage.

Claire and Dick Dybul (center) surrounded by their family in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

“We always got together for holidays and cookouts,” said Dick. “So that’s probably what kept us all together.”

The Dybul’s met at a wedding in the early 1950s. Claire was 17 at the time and Dick jokes that she lied to him about her age.

“Well I had to because otherwise I couldn’t go in the bars,” joked Claire.

They attended the same high school, but didn’t know each other at the time. They met through Dick’s sister. After dating for just under two years, they married on July 27, 1957 with 500 people in attendance.


Now after almost 60 years of marriage, Claire and Dick still have a lot of fun together. They joke, poke fun at each other and above all, love talking about their family.

“Our kids were helpful and adorable,” said Claire. “They’d come over ‘can we do something? Do you need to go shopping?’ We had a wonderful family.”

They have five kids, seven grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and a fourth on the way. For their 50th wedding anniversary, their family threw a surprise party.

They credit their successful marriage to their family, but also say they always found a way to make up after a fight.

“Be happy and get along and dont argue,” said Claire.

Now living together at the Milwaukee Catholic Home, they both like to garden and still volunteer at Summerfest.

“I guess we shouldn’t complain,” said Claire. “We should count our blessings.”

Claire and Dick Dybul will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this June.


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