Selfless Love


After 60 years of marriage, Mo and Jim Haines still spend all of their time together.

“He could never get anything done,” joked Mo, as they sit together in the lobby of the Milwaukee Catholic Home.

The Haines’ love story began long before their marriage on February 9, 1957. They first met in the third grade and say they always had a crush on each other.

“Oh yeah, it just took him a long time,” said Mo. “He was very shy.”

They began dating in high school but waited until their early 20s to get married.

Jim says he loved that she came to all of his baseball games.

“I finally got enough nerve to ask her out after two years,” he said.

After dating for several years, Jim proposed one night after they attended midnight mass. They married at St. Elizabeth’s in Milwaukee and had their reception at the A.O. Smith Union Hall.

They went on to have four children, three boys and one girl. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by taking the entire family to a water park.

And their secret to a long, successful marriage: be selfless.

“When the kids ask, I always tell them, you know you really love someone if something happens in your life and you think about your partner before you do yourself,” said Mo.

The couple moved into the Milwaukee Catholic Home about two years ago after Mo had a stroke and broke her arm. And because of various health problems, they spent their 60th wedding anniversary at the doctor.

But their love remains strong.

“You just learn to take care of each other,” said Mo.



5 thoughts on “Selfless Love

  1. Loved your story. Congratulations on raising such a wonderful son. He is loved by all who were part of his parishes. I graduated from Mesmer in ’55 so am sure I saw you as seniors. Saw that you were in Ireland. We too were there and even got my German husband and all his relatives in Germany and US to plan this years reunion there. Who doesn’t love the Irish? ☘️

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