A real good life

A city boy and a country girl. Leland and Lucille Thorn probably didn’t know when they met each other in the 8th grade that they would change each other’s lives. “We’ve been together so long,” said Leland. “It’s been a real good life.” In April, the Thorns will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary. “We feel… Continue reading A real good life

Simply in love

When you first hear that Arthur Christiansen and his wife Sheila went to prom together, you might think 'Wow how cute, they were high school sweethearts!' Only it wasn't quite that simple. "I was with another girl and Sheila was with her boyfriend, yet we doubled together," said Arthur "Later on, we got to know… Continue reading Simply in love

Forever Lucky

When Virginia Keidel introduces her husband Ed, she calls him her "good-looking, rich guy." "I knew Ed from grammar school, he lived in our area, but I didn't go out with him until after he got out of the service in '46," she says. But Virginia and Ed were never rich. In fact, she says… Continue reading Forever Lucky

An evolving love

It took 50 years for Dick Bradley and John Stewig to say "I do." "When it was possible for us to be married and actually blessed, it's sort of like 'Oh my word, there is a God,'" said Bradley. Bradley and Stewig met in 1962 when they were both elementary teachers in Madison, Wisc. The… Continue reading An evolving love

At first sight

One day in the late 1940s, a small-town girl from Wild Rose, Wis. decided she wanted to become a flight attendant. She enrolled in summer school at a college 40 miles away from her hometown. Meanwhile, a small-town boy from Wittenberg, Wis. had just been released from military service and decided he wanted to become a… Continue reading At first sight

Meant for each other

More than 60 years ago, two small-town farming kids from Holland met and fell in love. "When we first got married, it looked like we were just meant for each other," said Mary Goris. She and her husband Hank met when they were both in their early 20s living in Holland. It didn't take long… Continue reading Meant for each other

It just comes natural

On the day I met Ed and Dolores Segebrecht, they just happened to find a lost photo from their wedding, taken at their reception. Dolores wore a simple dress and said her curls were likely from a perm. Both of their parents are standing with them in the photo, something they now cherish seeing. "This… Continue reading It just comes natural